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Dupont paint color formulas

dupont paint color formulas ColorNet Computer software used for paint job costing, paint formula retrieval and VOC tracking for use in the automotive refinishing industry in Class 9. What are my other options? I want to buy 2 qts of paint as I may be doing more paint work on the car. Contact JB: (619) 469-4312. So I was trying to find a PPg formula. Acme Paint Formulas - All Models: View Bulletin. DuPont™ ColorNet® Color Proofing DESCRIPTION AND POSITIONING GUIDE Advanced on-screen color proofing for faster results. 1. Note that numbers in italics are not confirmed formula numbers. Where possible, the actual tint types and mixture formulas are obtained and utilized. Find Comfort In A Constantly Changing World. We have a spray out of the PPG and Dupont and there is a huge difference in the two colors. The mix formula for that electric AMG-SLS is very probably available. Contact JB: (619) 469-4312. PAINT CODE . JcodeBullitt I understand the paint color won't match perfect with something that was painted 18 years ago, but, would there be any difference in color if I used DBC or Chromabase? Here is a scan of the original paint formula for the Dupont. After flash off, remove another panel and apply a third coat to the last panel. It would be ordered as "QD/FQD". It is used for covering repairs or spot repairs in solid and special-effect colors, such as metallics How a corporate spy swiped plans for DuPont’s billion-dollar color formula By Del Quentin Wilber | February 4, 2016. Exhibit 4: Image of Du Pont master plates for dark grey (left) and light grey (right). Every color has to match within reason to what was painted onto the actual vehicles at the corresponding times. Thanks to all and a very merry Christmas! Compared to standard enamel and lacquer paints, our formula stays on the blade more flying hours. 06 lbs. • Martin-Senour & Sherwin-Williams: These are US formula numbers and do not cross elsewhere. 104 . . Red I-F . Been using Dupont 3608S in all my paints for over 20 years now. The paint has to hand brush with ease with exceptional leveling characteristics. Color By Design. PPG 81649 does NOT cross back to Dupont 5502. Bright Sapphire 17794. We have just acquired about 100% pints of vintage 1960s and 70s DUPONT Lucite lacquer paint will be listing from an old garage body shop. As always you should have a quart (or gallon) of paint mixed first and spray it on a large piece of sheet metal before you decide what color you like. I thought there were conversions out there to translate old forrmulas to new mixing ingredients. Looking for dupont auto paint metallic color chart ? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of dupont auto paint metallic color chart. NOTE: It may be necessary, at times, to tint colors to produce a satisfactory match due to normal weathering and changes in color standards. Red . a. S. Jeff AND ALL THE LATEST COLOR-MATCHING TOOLS. Therefore, with regular use, this formula can extend blade life. Even auto urethane clear coats. Let us highlight some of the major Imron lines and their respective applications: Imron® 2K Topgloss SF With its base of acrylic polymer technology, this solid color formula of Imron paint is ideally suited for the marine industry, especially for the application on yachts and Merc Blue paint info: P. DuPont ColorNet® is a user-friendly, software platform designed specifically to make color formula retrieval and reporting quick and easy. Black -DuPont Dulux 88-005 (per drawing) 1 -Body above and below "lightning stripe", including skirt between the trucks, 2 -lightning stripe on nose (A units) and sides, 3 -blind ends, 4 - striping, 5 -Background of nose herald, 6-trucks and underbody (including fuel and water tanks). Mitsubishi Madeira Red Metallic. Some DuPont paint code formulas found on build sheets and trim tags are: 926-76248, 926-99568, 926-98371, 926-99616, 926-97249, and 927-98457. When we moved and tried to repeat a color, we discovered that formulas could change every six months to a year. Undulating, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of colour and translucency – if you can dream it, you can create it with Corian®. Corian® Solid Surface can be whatever you imagine it can be. I have contacted Dupont via their website to inquire. ‘B’ codes indicate DuPont basecoat/clear acrylic enamel paint introduced during 1991, with water based paints being phased in during 1997. Original Factory colors, modern quality. Min. This formula I am posting is for about 3/4 of a pint or so. you will want to do all of your parts with the same base primer that you did the car with to make sure it matches, so don't use black like I use at this point. See my GM A-Body Special Paint Information page for more information on special paint colors. you can get the mix ratios and have it mixed in PPG if you desire. Kind: Amphoteric Oxide. Order: 2 Tons. Go to the color chip books and find one as close as possible to the car. Resources. 01 Weight 0. 5 x H: 11 x D: 0. I dont think the paint color makes a good painter, its a color not a good job. May 21, 1948. It first appeared in 1962 on Ford/Lincoln cars as Riviera Turquoise Metallic, and on Ford Thunderbirds as Patrician Green. Our groups (we aren't a club) paint guy was trying to do a repair on one of our buddies bikes, he tried searching the forums, even the computer eye tried to read the color (close, but not good enough). The first 3 digits denote non-metallic (926) or metallic (927) paint. Some DuPont paint code formulas found on build sheets and/or trim tags are: 926-76248, 926-99568, 926-98371, 926-99616, 926-97249, 927-98457, and 927-99918. The actual paint color will also vary depending on the specific paint product, application method, gloss level, film variance, surface substrate, age and light source. 5 841J YELLOW 200. Find MiniMix 7. As Bloomberg News reports, a federal jury in San I love Sugar Cookie! (and your entire house. Corresponding Manufacture Name: HONDA. Questions, current pricing, Our E-mail Address is John@hdpaint. du pont de nemours &Co. com Show Ditzler PPG and Dupont codes Show Paint Chips Or click here to see these colors on Stir thoroughly. Vivid Yellow 83361. Qty: 2 Quarts . 1. This code can be had by any reputable automotive paint supplier. Code: PPG Ditzler: ICI Mix: Dockers Mix: Rinshed Mason: Dupont Mix: Acme S/W : Martin S enour : Alpine Green: TR-3 : U3475 : 25410: Alpine Mauve: Herald : 50588: 3278 : U2439 : 25409: Apple Grn (Special Order) 42486: 2920: 2920: U3484 : Aran Beige: 81: NCC: 417: 25024 : Astral Blue Metallic: 76-78: JAF Dupont Red Logo Color Palette with Hex & RGB Codes. Mail: Joe Bell P. 015" and pressure range of 1500 – 2000 psi. The paint mixing formulas are adaptable for numerous mixing tasks and are available in different sizes and designs to befit different purposes. Paint Color Codes John Pierce Colorwrite - Paint for and how to paint antique and vintage motorcycle restorations. If you have an Apple Machine: Use ⌘ + F (Command + F) to type in the paint color and find it in the table. Color. Bright yellow: John Deere Yellow; Dupont YS378 Also: PPG-Concept DCC – Acrylic Urethane DCC82838 H – Medium Lemon Yellow – Tinted Also: Paler yellow for larger Stanleys: Dupont Centari #H9053A Ginster Yellow Used on Porsche. He told me several stories and I love a good story. Also I've been trying to get a paint code and cannot find confirmation on which red my bike is,and the serial number does not confirm colors. 246-34137 Harbor Gray Scheme Y 246-34138 Ural Green Scheme J 246-34139 Cubana Tan Scheme K 210-34142 Sea Cloud Gray Metallic Scheme C 246-30898 Miami Sand Scheme T NOTE— COLOR CHIPS ARE PLACED AT EDGE OF SHEET IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY BE CONVENIENTLY COMPARED WITH COLORS ON CARS. 2 570 268. Ernie from the Gibson Custom Shop claims that after extensive research by Gibson this is the equivalent to the original Pelhem Blue. DuPont single stage and base/clear paints. For Products Built from 1929 through 1960 "Persian Orange" (Usually called Persian Orange#1) --PPG DAR60080 --Martin Senour 99L-3723 --TISCO TP280 --DuPont DULUX 008DH "Cream" --Paint Codes Unknown For Products Built from 1961 through 1976 "Persian Orange" (Usually called Persian Orange#2) --PPG DAR60396 --DuPont 29047 "Allis Chalmers Cream" --DuPont 29049 --TISCO TP270 The following are still available from Simplicity. The order/tag code is exclusive to that car, for that year, for that color. Does anyone have PPG paint formulas for Lancia colors? I am restoring a 1967 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina coupe. Precis 246-30898 Miami Sand 31 H oz. “Sonic Blue” (Duco 2295) was one of the colors available in the 1956 Cadillac. These are available in acrylic enamel, single-stage urethane, and in some colors basecoat/clearcoat. ColorNet® Color Proofing uses patented technology that “brings the car color into your computer,” and allows you to visually compare the vehicle to the closest available paint formula. Paint jobbers can give lotus - dupont® colour library lsl595j lotus paint code colour dupont ref code dupont fiche number primer shade value finish comments b01 monaco white ab n9149 n9149 1 mono b02 black 47600 m1698 7 mono b03 calypso red ab k9197 k9197 1 mono b04 lotus new racing green (l. Now you take Dupont 4558. 1989. I have the paint chip card with the 1935 Chrysler colors and formulas, but the local auto paint store said they can't make paint using the old formulas and would need to mix the paint by eye. MFG. We Provide 20 for you about dupont auto paint metallic color chart- page 1 . Classification: Titanium Dioxide. DuPont Refinish is able to supply low emission and medium solids paint technology to meet individual customer, market or legal requirements. Poor hiding or covering pigments or colors will require more coats of paint to get coverage and Hiding. 246-064 Ferrite Yellow *46 oz. • DuPont: These stock numbers are for acrylic enamels in the US and Canada but may not produce the correct color tints for other types of paints or the correct colors or tints in other countries. ColorNet is a user-friendly software platform to help make color formula retrieval and reporting quicker and easier. Ok so if you come up with your own color or make a color that is the same as a factory color , i guess you own the color you made . Bike silver is DuPont IMRON 45040U (Fenders and Side covers) Black is DuPont IMRON 99U. You might try calling the DuPont tech line at 866-861-4572. I cannot get Lechler in the U. Colors. Available: Japan, by special order only and only on Type S and Type S-Zero models, 1997 to Present Color Code: YR-514P Notes: DuPont paint-matching code F3034 Rio Yellow Pearl. Code: Alt. 106 matches. Without these codes, paint and body shops wouldn’t know what kind of color to mix in their system to match your Mustang’s body color. It offers specialty paints like DUPONT and NIPPON, which make use of pre-set color formulas. 2 This is a black blue remember you must first paint the vehicle black as a base then paint the blue black. It is an incredibly versatile material that promotes high levels of gloss retention, fast application and excellent edge-to-edge color matching. (In case of fish eyes, use Paint Additive 359S to 1 ounce per ready-to-spray gallon of Imron 5000 for solid colors; use 1 oz of VG-F-70050 for metallic colors. No matter which product you choose, VinylSafe ® paint colors give you a wide range of color options for your vinyl exterior. The Spies Hecker refinish system has more tinting colors and pearl coatings than any other top coats made today. On chip charts the colors look very similar, but the fact that GM assigned a new WA code to the 1969 color means that the color had a very different formula. Do not use FEE. . The paint was applied by DuPont on one side of each of three 4″ x 6″ on metal plates, with each color on one side and the Du Pont paint code on the reverse side (See Exhibits 4, 5, 6 and 7). This rarely happens but it does every once in awhile. A Roadster,Touring or Coach was painted Cobalt Blue, Sedan was Aquamarine Blue, andCoupe was Sage Brush Green. Hundreds of different pigments, both natural and synthetic, exist. ) If you have a Dupont jobber, he may be able to make this color in Dulux, Centari or Imron with the formula I am going to post here if you show it to him/her. 3 lbs/gal VOC conforming, low HAPS, polyurethane topcoat. Tint color (to achieve acceptable blend). If you can provide us with any assistance, please e-mail us at info@readingrailroad. Email: JoeBell1977@gmail. The result, auto paint suppliers in California can no longer translate the "old" paint codes into a water-born formula. Imron® Industrial Strength, mix quality GN, is a high gloss, 0. Lowe’s Paint Visualizer Easily compare colors by virtually painting one of our many rooms. They are highly resistant to chemicals and The lower body panel on Malibu Series El Caminos for Argent Silver is DuPont mixing formula 927-95905 or 41253, Ditzler (PPG) color number is DE-8568. Furthermore, we use specific formulas from OEM manufacturers to better match your specific model. The FQD color is the same as what is on other Chrysler vehicles Dupont has a lot of color tools available and if you are a small shop and don't mix there the paint supplier will have the tools for you to use. ‘S’ codes were used for a short period only (1976/77) and indicate that the body was moulded with integral colour using ICI 2K two pack polyurethane paint of the P407 line. Robert, I have the formula for 67 interior red but I don't know if it's the same for 69. Annex Paint also has the The Acquire RX™, an Axalta (DuPont) designed portable color measurement instrument, can be used to provide the best color match formula. The Historical Color Library also provides a search tool for DuPont colors. I've painted all the sherwin williams/senour, high impact colors,,it is the only paint that I use for anything,,their formula's are very good, but your mixer needs to know his stuff too !,I just sprayed R4 red the other day,on a 98 truck and it blended perfectly,even their metallics blend well,if that tells ya' anything. L8640. 9 850. The pigments give the paint color; solvents make it easier to apply; resins help it dry; and additives serve as everything from fillers to antifungicidal agents. CAS No. Check out all Dupli-Color Products to see which one is right for your specific project. 270 20 . Color Sign Finishes Color Palette • 400 Solid colors & 150 Metallic colors • 3” x 3” Color samples available at www. Also: Martin Senour # 53-4386 Ginster yellow Brewster Green: Dupont W7959 K Also: PPG DAU81881 New # DCC81832 Finding the best paint color formula for your vehicle is easy when you have the right tools. With weekly updates, technical and safety data sheets, and powerful search functions, our online colour formula system is an essential tool for every bodyshop. PPG 81649 does NOT cross back to Dupont 5502. 1989. Mitsubishi Fargo Brown Metallic. G. Click picture for close up view. They may not be perfect, but remember this is to show the difference in each of the colors. Well looking at Duponts formula for #330 and #335 they are the same color. if not, lay one more coat. 17993 is so old that they don`t have a formula on record) The dupont b8110a (old stock#) = DPC# 15663 (Color Perm Code AJ935) This color is found on Chevrolet 1981 (paint code 20) and Pontiac 1981 (paint code 7204) the name of the color is BRT BLUE. . Determining paint colors is an inexact science. A California engineer has been found guilty of stealing DuPont's recipe for producing white pigment and selling it to a state-owned Chinese company. Some DuPont paint code formulas found on build sheets and/or trim tags are: 926-76248, 926-99568, 926-98371, 926-99616, 926-97249, 927-98457, and 927-99918. 17993, dupont b8110 - merc racing blue paint code, Dupont B8110A (P. The paint we used is RM Paint with Rubberseale Clear coat. Poor hiding pigments or color formulas may not resist UV as well. Paint Shop Candy Coat colors are a unique, translucent formula that allow the bright, metallic surface of the Candy Base Coat to shine through with eye-catching brilliance and depth. Paint It provides a digital representation of body and non-body motor manufacturers colors to assist in the visualization process. Now connected to the ColorMobile ® software application, you are a click way from formula retrieval. July 19, 1948. primary color: all colors, paint volume: 10ml, type: dupont microfiche slides, manufacturer color name: dupont, factory color code: all codes, warranty: no, mpn: , short description: title: Dupont Finishes Microfiche Mixing Color Slides Formulas Paint 108, Brand: Dupont, Primary Color: All Colors, Paint Volume: 10ml, Type: Dupont Microfiche Slides, Manufacturer Color Name: Dupont, Factory Color Code: All Codes, Warranty: No, sku: 2514289997245141, brand: dupont, category: auto parts > paints The online Duxone colour database holds over 100,000 formulas for European, US, South African and Asian passenger and commercial vehicles. Note: English language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color codes. YEAR. Perfect match too. ($15. 7. Cumulative 42 89 104 . Special paint trim tags show a dash character(s) or blank area on Baltimore tags. I am looking for Bianco Saratoga and Avoir Chatilly in particular. As you can see, the order code, or trim tag code, means nothing when determining the paint color. formula can be Notes: 1. For example with Pelhem Blue, the color "Astra Blue Mica" as used on 1992 Iszuz vehicles is an excellent match, Sherwin Williams color code 718/B204 and Dupont ChromaBase H-9623K. n. check it closely to make sure you have covered the sand scratches. YEAR CODE / BODY and STRIPES WHEELS ENGINE 1968 Z -Peruvian Silver Dupont 4907L Ebony Black stripe Dupont 88L Argent Gray RM A5278 Red Inmont Q51R038 RM 2U-5732R 1969 50 –Cameo White Dupont 5033L Firefrost Gold stripe Dupont 69H/O Gold Heat Sensitive Color temperature changing paint. If you do have a Jobber mix your paint be sure and give them the vin no. Thanks DuPont Color Retrieval Process If VIN support is available your formula will be identified with an alternate prefix of VI. These codes can also be very useful when ordering touch-up paint. In fact, they'll likely be able to tell you it a specific green from a specific paint manufacture and if not the actual paint code, then one that's so close you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. For example with Pelhem Blue, the color "Astra Blue Mica" as used on 1992 Iszuz vehicles is an excellent match, Sherwin Williams color code 718/B204 and Dupont ChromaBase H-9623K. It represents the latest in innovative color science from DuPont, designed to help today’s leading Dupont Centari Acrylic Enamel : 6731-A: White : Dupont Centari : 77968A M Alt: Red: I am told that this is a great color for restoring the older Coke Machines. com, users can find particular models and makes of cars and their corresponding color codes. Here's the formula for 1 Pint, Dupont Chromabase. to the closest available paint formula. On this paint chip, the B identifies this chip as a member of the blue family. Dark Sapphire 17795. DULUX® Dulux is not recommended for the repair of LUCITE - or other Acrylic Lacquer finishes. Any help is appreciated. Second, we’ can help narrow down your wall paint color choice until you decide on the right paint for your project. Availability: 1997 to 2876L next to "Lucite", is the DuPont paint code identifying the paint formula for Lake Placid Blue (note some colors are "Duco", which is DuPont's brand name for their nitrocellulose lacquer). ) We save the lids of each of our paint cans with the color formula printed on it, so we can get the same color in the future. The color balls are a very close approximation and should only be used as a reference point. Dupli-Color products are designed for every part of your vehicle (and beyond). 1947 47 Packard paint color chip chart sheet sample Dupont This offer is for a vintage 1 pint can of DUPONT Lucite acrylic lacquer 5327L blue metallic paint. MFG. Axalta disclaims any and all warranties and/or liability, expressed or implied, that the paint colors will match the color balls. This color combination was created by user Schemecolor. The PPG global color-matching network collects over 40,000 OEM primes and variants per year, creating an unrivaled database of more than 2 million formulas. g. 9 887. Thinning is usually not required. The user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface enables paintshop technicians to match colours quickly and accurately, find mixing ratios for primers, top coats and clears. 1. If you want bling on a metallic color, go with the newer high lines, if you want a truer to form paint, go with a lower priced line. Red: Do not spray Imron 5000 if the paint temperature is less than 75°F. Paint helps protect your aircraft propeller. 11) He shot another test panel and I love the change now. Note: H-19275 E-R Dupli-Color® Products All Products. DuPont Powder Coatings are designed to provide tough, durable and beautiful finishes. A friend of mine tried to copy the color, but didn't ask me for the formula. DuPont Paint Formulas - All Models: View Bulletin. 07 - $55. Our typical thermochromic paint pigment will change color at 86 degrees F. Box 34, Spring Valley, CA 91976 Ship Frames To: Joe Bell 3735 Kenora Drive, Spring Valley, CA 91977 since not all BASF paint lines are global. Technical Data Sheets, etc. The color is your choice, so you need to make the right choice. k. Dulux : 93-24314-R: Red: Used to paint the body of the machine. Some DuPont paint code formulas found on build sheets and/or trim tags are: 926-76248, 926-99568, 926-98371, 926-99616, 926-97249, 927-98457, and 927-99918. N8814. 5 hours at 70°F Surface Preparation For application over a properly prepared basecoat: 1. (Inc. 1989. PPG/Ditzler : 13547 (see below) – updated 5/18/2018 Dupont : 99266, 8456 Sherwin Williams : 1647 (see below) ICI : 6898 (see below) Martin Senour Paints (MSP: NAPA Auto) : 21000 Formula Glasurit : TIB-506. You can still use the newer clears over the cheaper paint and it will be fine. 8 801. Some DuPont paint code formulas found on build sheets and/or trim tags are: 926-76248, 926-99568, 926-98371, 926-99616, 926-97249, 927-98457, and 927-99918. Every known Harley color before 1970. ) With these paint mixing formulas, users utilize the latest machinery inventions and enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of working capacities and versatility. Save dupont color chip New Listing 1957-1958 VOLKSWAGEN Paint Color Chip Charts (5 pp) DuPont. While not exclusive to 1970, special order colors seem to be more common with this year. All of our colors are available in touch-up pen, touch-up jar, aerosol, ½ pint, pint, and quart sizes for your larger jobs. It utilizes technology to enhance color expertise and provides features such as Color Proofing, Acquire RX, VINdicator TM , cost and VOC tracking, inventory management and a variety of reports. This table provides a list of formulas or color equivalents to the original colors used for the MGTF. If you want a ppg brand and want it to match the dupont then your best bet would be to do a spray out in dupont and have your ppg rep do a profit color match on it. Paint It provides a digital representation of body and non-body motor manufacturers colors to assist in the visualization process. 8 880. Birch White 90303. The Dupont Red Logo Color Palette with Hex & RGB Codes palette has only one color which is Medium Candy Apple Red (#E61031). A portable, computerized color matching system that views and reads the actual car color, then transmits that reading into the ColorNet® computer system. Color . See my GM A-Body Special Paint Information page for more information on special paint colors. Mix color (minimum amounts required). As always you should have a quart (or gallon) of paint mixed first and spray it on a large piece of sheet metal before you decide what color you like. Simply select from this VinylSafe ® paint color palette and apply using Sherwin-Williams Emerald ®, Duration ®, Resilience ®, SuperPaint ® latex paints, or SnapDry™ Door & Trim Paint. For '58-'60 here's what I have to date. Paint Your Airplane Propeller. can you help or advise me where to to. A few cans should do the job you need nicely. 00 Standox paint, this is a base coat formula: pint: Quart: 859 218. It is Cabernet Red. #4 Frost Blue first appeared at GM/Oldsmobile in 1955, with a formula (DuPont 2007) different from the ’59 paint used by Gibson (DuPont 2937-L). How We Paint a Vehicle. G. Mitsubishi DuPont Color Codes for 1989: SAMPLE: COLOUR. Triumph Color Chart: PPG (Pittsburg Plate Glass Company) / Ditzler Triumph Color Paint Chip (13547): I am really having a hard time with the paint on a 1967 Jag. Lechler numbers are Bianco saratoga 1329 Avoir Chantilly is 32. but published colors/code are not owned by anyone. Oct 30, 2017 · Hi there all, In the past I have used the Dupont Hot Hues Paint Shop to show what different colors look like on the cars they had in there system and now can’t find it, where did it go? Red -DuPont Duco 246-9089R 6. To get a factory matched paint color we also use Dupont's "Color Proof System. It represents the latest in innovative color science from DuPont, designed to help today’s leading collision repair shops put technology to work for faster, more accurate color matching that can increase productivity and improve cycle times. The Mixing formulas are in grams or liters, consequently this will enable users to minimize waste through allowing the painter to specify the exact amount of paint required to meet The Auto Color Library Slogan “Where yesterday’s colors come alive today” is true! They provide the actual automotive paint color standard reference chips for nearly all makes and models since automobiles were made, all the way back to the year 1900 and all the way up to the current automobiles made now in 2019. For example we have a great yellow zinc chromate. then color sand it with 600 and spray 2-3 more coats and clear COLOR-ITE Refinishing 203-393-0240 www. This simple to use color tool provides for fast selection of color formulas to move more vehicles through the shop by eliminating the wasted time and expense of extended color matching. DuPont single stage and base/clear paints. Paint Chips, Paint Chips, DuPont Automotive Systems (2006. Choose MiniMix 7. Available in a wide array of RAL and standard colors and surface effects, we feature over 400 stock products DuPont Powder Coatings manufactures powder coatings, an industrial paint that does not use solvents or other liquid carriers. Thanks for all your hard work on your lovely blog! Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect Sherwin-Williams paint colors. … Ward said 360 2 S is a slow dry formula. #3 This color (DuPont 2721-H) was also used in ’59 by Ford Mercury under the name Canton Red, and on the Ford Mustang in ’67, as Aspen Red. Dupont calls this color DuPont Color Retrieval Process ChromaSystemTM Technical Manual How to Retrieve a Formula from ColorNet® Now that you have customized your software and added your data, you are ready to retrieve a formula. FR7. Grade Standard: Industrial Grade. color-ite. N8815. 6. 246-020 Black 32*4e oz. Manufacture Colour Code: YR587M. 356 . The Search tab in CATFRAMS contains various methods to search for a paint formula or product, depending on your available information. In one picture I can see three GT 40. PQD is the Sales code for B5 Blue/Surf Blue. ColorNet® works with other DuPont color tools to make it fast and easy to create a blendable match. It is not quite as dark as the original color but it is still a great looking color. He read me the formula and then texted me pictures of the cans. Metallic paint colors bring excitement and luxury into every room in the home. The plant was built—a genuine success for Liew. S. This means the color will not sink into the old surface. You can also check Auto Color Library by typing in "International" then the year of your truck. Use with P60G2 wash primer for optimal adhesion and wear. 1975 F-150 Paint Codes. ) ab k9349 k9349 5 mono b05 norfolk mustard ab n9561 n9561 1 mono Color Name: Model: Primary Code: Alt. White . All Mustang Paint Color Codes (C)opyright 2007-2021 MustangAttitude. signfinishes. PAINT CODE . Whether used by a shop to improve throughput, or by a jobber as a value-added service, the iFEX® spectro will provide consistent, fast, global color choices From the original formula info you have, a good local automotive paint store should be able to mix you up a match with whatever type paint you want. I went to my PPG jobber and they called The Color Library to get the formula. Many are too close to tell apart. First, if you need it, we have it — all the paint for you home — every color you can imagine, in the finish you need, for every surface. The web based application provides a simple search feature to identify the right color for your next vehicle repair. DuPont Refinish. To confirm your color choices, visit your local Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes branch for a Rod and Restoration color fan deck. 75, a. If you have a Windows Machine: Use Ctrl + F (Control + F) to type in the paint color and find it in the table. Dupont worked hard to develop a paintthat dried quickly yet remained flexible enough for metal. Color Code: NH-609P Imola Orange Pearl. For most of the cars on this website, there is a corresponding DuPont color code and the color codes of other major paint manufacturers. Candy Orange is now one of those color, still not a cheap price code but its a lot less than the $310 special order colors. ColorNet gives you access to a comprehensive library of color formulas and integrates our Color Proofing, AcquireRX, Acquire Plus EFX, VINdicator color tools to help you select the right formula at the start. If you are on a PC click on any of the. " This system uses a camera and computer to better match your vehicles paint color. Grethey Collection, 1940-1976. tk To E-Mail the Proprietor Click Here It was first used by GM/Chevrolet in 1953, albeit for a paint (DuPont 1555) distinct from the 1957 shade (DuPont 2461) retained by Fender. Illinois residents will add 8. Gray 5 parts R-10 Engine Black 1 part R-130 SP Lettering Gray Gray 3 parts R-12 Reefer Gray 2 parts R-11 Reefer White 2 parts R-48 Coach Green (post 1953) Blue R-57 C&O Enchantment Blue or Blue 1 part R-57 C&O Enchantment Blue 1 part R-12 Reefer Gray 1 part R-10 Engine Black or Blue R-152 B&O Royal Blue or (this "Bando Blue" is Bando Blue 25 parts R-152 B&O Royal Blue the actual color used 3 parts R-10 Engine Black on 1935-1965 equip- 3 parts R-65 Signal Red ment & is slightly darker than The manager of the shop has had some bad experiences with PPG paint and wants to use either DuPont or Rinshed-Mason (RM) paint. Available: US 2004+ Color Code: Y-65P Notes: Same as Solar Yellow Pearl for the S2000 Interior Colors Onyx. 1grams 719. 1956 Cadillac Color Chart, from Automotive Paint Finishes, Calvin T. The color palette favored by fashion designers in the period went well beyond haute couture, and found its way into the world of automobiles. Page Count 4 Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Aftermarket ITEM produced by Dupont Paint Company Inventory Number PNT-9475 OEM Number 1-20 Flat US shipping rate: $4. SpectraMaster - Color Atlas is an exciting new tool that allows you to explore color, save palettes and order samples. PPG 81649 crosses to Dupont 4558. Dupont calls this color Pullman Green. Stripe Color: Exterior Color: Year : Paint Code for Stripe Color: Gold Bronze: Cape Maroon: 47-52: PPG DUP?? SM-1530AA: Totem Scarlet: Sun Beige: 47-52: PPG DUP?? 93-2767: Shell White: Coppertone Autumn Brown: 53-54 53-54: PPG DUP: 90379 93-72007: Gold Bronze: Burgundy Maroon: 53: PPG DUP?? SM-61A: Juniper Green: Pure White: 53-55: PPG DUP: 41374 93-72001: Bombay Ivory While not exclusive to 1970, special order colors seem to be more common with this year. While not exclusive to 1970, special order colors seem to be more common with this year. Fender also used DuPont colors, “Candy Apple Red,” “Olympic White,” “Midnight Blue,” and “Lake Placid Blue. The Dupont color chart shows 80 colors. The letter itself is the color family classification. I dont know if this has been brought up here before, but apparently there is a DuPont historical color library website that has new numbers and formulas that match the old car colors from 1931 on up. At PaintRef. USE. login. Automotive Paint & Supplies,acrylic enamel, urethane single stage, urethane base coat,basecoat, automotive lacquer paint,restoration car paint,dupont chroma base,chromax, axalta automotive paint,centari auto paint,matrix automotive paint,sherwin williams automotive paint, dimension auto paint,ultra base coat,auto paint, Imron Elite color formulas are mixed using the new tint line called DuPont PowerTint. Now it gets fun. O. You can hit next and the whole or most of the page will turn into a gallery. Krylon offers a complete line of spray paint products that deliver great color, durable finishes & amazing dry times to complete a wide range of spray painting projects. com U. 7 571 242. paint color name: code : sample : Long Beach Red: G1E: Sebring Orange: G26: Arctic White: G8G: Ceramic Matrix Gray: G9F: Blade Silver: GAN: Black: GBA: Accelerate Yellow: GD0: Shadow Gray: GJI: Torch Red: GKZ: Rapid Blue: GMO: Elkhart Lake Blue: GS7: Zeus Bronze: GUI This structure allows formulas to be filtered by manufacturer, year , color name / description or color code. Catalyst . Precis. Light Candy Ruby 51953/51955. That Glasurit formula is for line-55 which is a current formula so if the car that used that paint matches what you think Gemini Blue should look like then I would go for it because you'll know how it will turn out since it is a current re-formulation. 1989. Now it gets fun. Top. my car: dupont chromapremier Yeah my shop is going to color match ppg to the dupont because its the way to go, not very original but I like it. IMRON PAINT COLOR. OEM Code Color Valspar Code PPG Code DuPont Code RM Code SW Code MS Code Azko Code WA Code; N/A: Ermine White: W612: 8259: 4024: 1199: 1911: 3071-2661: N/A: Tuxedo Black: K090 Magnolia Ivory: DuPont #LS012N Note: DuPont LS012N crosses to PPG 91843 'Light Neutral' aka Magnolia Ivory, but there is no formula in the PPG library for 918443. The codes from my restoration guide appear to be out of date. 189 . His painter used PPG paint, but it doesn't look that great in my opinion. (1 Gallon Formula) 758S-180 7585-181 758. C46/ PV8/ AC10846 . Mitsubishi Arctic Blue Metallic. Dupont Fleet book, page by page. Can anybody give me the current paint codes or formulas for paint job no. While not exclusive to 1970, special order colors seem to be more common with this year. The formulas can be printed to any standard printer. Combine the components by volume, then mix thoroughly. It will then show you paint The 71483 number is a Ditzler paint formula number. Why MiniMix 7 is the Best Automotive Paint. Red 6543UM Blue 63203UH Don't have a code for white (looks awful on the CB77) Been doing some legwork on bike colors for my project, and since PPG is a little easier to get in my area, I have been checking on crossing paint codes for Red and Silver. Colour Name: DARK AMBER. The company aims to provide the most affordable and top quality paints to its customers. Now connected to the ColorMobile ® software application - you are a click way from formula retrieval. (Mix by weight is also available. 168 . The web based application provides a simple search feature to identify the right color for your next vehicle repair. May 27, 2013 - auto paint codes | DuPont Automotive Refinish Colors , PPG Ditzler Automotive Finishes Paint Formulas. Our paint guide is a work-in-progress as we are seeking help identifying formulas used by the Reading. Mail: Joe Bell P. : 13463-67-7. Water-born paint became the standard as of January 2009. W8941. DuPont™ ChromaPremier® Pro 74500S™ Productive and 74700S™ Productive Express Clear Coat Mix Ratio 2:1:1. Allow to flash. The first number I came up with was Dupont 5502 this is from C&NW passenger locomotive paint diagrams. 5566 Titanium Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide Road Marking Paint. Use warm water or paint heaters to heat the paint to an optimum temperature of 85 - 95°F. r. Original Factory colors, modern quality. Paint numbers from Ditzler/PPG, DuPont and Martin Senour are taken from 1950s-1960s paint chip charts and a listing of Ditzler/PPG engine paints from circa 1971: I have no idea what their current versions are. ) Viscosity 15–17 seconds in a Zahn #2 (DuPont M-222) cup Pot Life 1. Paint Formulas. Dupont cas688 29276c hex color code rgb and paints find color code with glasurit online commercial vehicle color codes mixitpro commercial vehicle color codes mixitpro. This is generally done with a few spray outs. Dupont metalic is too course and PPG cant come up with a formula Dupont dyes are manufactured without Aniline but do contain Alcohol for a preservative. SB 45B. Our 2021 Paint Color Palette Of The Year. Dupont 5502 crosses to PPG 81649 This is the color and paint that I have used and it looks like Pullman green to me. A paint is composed of pigments, solvents, resins, and various additives. Stock Code: X8619. a paint additive. Based upon unique DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron® Industrial Strength is the fastest Imron® yet, providing the “Wet Look that Lasts” with the lowest environmental impact. . Classic Performance & Restoration Cost Code: M CHROMABASE BC Alt: 1 Car: CAMARO Code:72 Year:1969 Color:HUGGER ORANGE-GENERAL MOTORS CORP 72 69-70 MIX THOROUGHLY SOON AFTER WEIGHING FORMULA#5021K MIX SIZE: 1 PINT--FORMULA START--853J RED ORANGE 113. Body Colors. Dupont 5502 crosses to PPG 81649 This is the color and paint that I have used and it looks like Pullman green to me. Every known Harley color before 1970. . EINECS: 236-675-5. Formula: TiO2. 95 Flat International shipping rate: $12. Ernie from the Gibson Custom Shop claims that after extensive research by Gibson this is the equivalent to the original Pelhem Blue. We can come to your facility with the Acquire RX and take color reading of the color you need matched and then produce that color and sheen in any DuPont product. Deep Red . This formula I am posting is for about 3/4 of a pint or so. It crosses to PPG 42791. I have it down to these 2 codes Candy apple red DuPont color L2093HL Solid red DuPont color code. There are several grades of Dupont 360_S thinner, just like all automotive lacquer thinners. Dupli-Color Paint Shop Candy Coat gives the traditional appearance of a candy-coat finish at a fraction of the cost. If you bring the paint code 2876L to your local DuPont automotive paint Here are some general color formulas. We can custom color match your vehicle by referring to our large stock of paint chips – we have over 12,000 in stock to match your car. to make sure that the color covers and looks right on your parts, spray 4 coats and let it cure. O. If and when I get an answer and/or a new paint code for 1968 Highland Green, I'll will post the info. The DuPont Centari paint mixing system has been used in body shops throughout the world since it first came onto the market in mid-1980s. DR7. On-screen and printed color representations may vary from actual paint colors. com • RGB and LRV values provided for reference Sign Master Color Palette Fan Deck (Dulux, Glidden, Devoe) • 2,016 Architectural/Deco colors • RGB, CMYK and LRV values provided, allowing you He had a local paint store (Dupont) to mix the colors to match SPF. Red . . ChromaBase is available premixed or factory packaged. Just the *V* prefix is no good for dope. Imron 5000 and Im-ron 6000 color matches are being developed in Imron Elite quality. You dont own the color , I think ducati owns the color formula. 9) The late 1970s became defined by the trinity of brown, orange and gold. tk To E-Mail the Proprietor Click Here The DuPont paint formulas for Medium Red, Medium Green, Medium Turquoise, and Medium Blue (all in 60 gloss) are the same as their paint formulas for some of the exterior colors: Regal Red, Willow Green, Artesian Turquoise, and Mist Blue, respectively. Anti Counterfeiting Solutions. Looks like a road trip is in order. Apply with a high quality brush, roller, paint pad or by spray equipment. Color Data is a powerful piece of software that provides fast and easy management of paint formulae and mixing ratios. 00 Details W: 8. On the right side of the paint chip, you’ll see a letter and number in an oval. dupont pepper gray is the way to go. 89 . 180. Vivid Black 9850. COCKSHUTT PAINT COLOR FORMULAS (all are PPG DELSTAR Acrylic Enamel) Submitted by Steve Meyerholtz 500 Series Harvest Gold Color Parts 10 Series Cream Code Color Parts Cockshutt Vermillion Red Code Color Parts GAL 42 . No comments kenworth paint chart color reference new paint color developed for kenworth trucks equipment truckfax paccars and colour schemes kenworth w900 color kenworth paint chart color reference. Turquoise 17796. Toll-Free: 877-973-7600 Title 1996 PAINT AND REFINISH FORMULA CODES Page 1 of 6 The following is a listing of 1996 Lexus paint codes and corresponding refinish formula codes for 8 (eight) refinish paint companies –– BASF Glassurit, DuPont Cronar, PPG Industries DBU–Deltron, to proof an alternate formula before mixing any paint. DuPont PowerTint is de-signed to replace the MasterTint High Solids system used for Imron 5000 and Imron 6000. 8 583 266. com Color-ite recreates original colors through a labor-intensive process of analyzing original OEM formulas and samples. 0 DuPont Paint Stores w ill be able to mix these paint colors for you with the following number: They’ll see Torch Red is D3, Kona Blue is L6 and Performance White, LP. Mitsubishi Firenza Red. This table provides a list of formulas or color equivalents to the original colors used for the MGTD. Formula by E. of the car you are doing and tell them to use the "Vindicator" tool, this is a tool that uses the vin to get you closer to the Our professional refinishers use Dupont's Computerized Paint Formula Retrieval and Scale. Imron has thousands of color formulas available. Tel: 801-966-5300 Fax: 801-966-6876. after the 2nd coat of base, let it cure about a half hour. Then you'll need to determine the gloss level desired and knock it back accordingly with a flattening agent. LEARN MORE DuPont ChromaBase, an automobile paint part of the ChromaSystem, is a basecoat that dries quickly, giving the surface a good fill in an easy-to-use application. 2210637 add to favorites 252819 58615f. (According to a color scan). 25 Illinois sales tax, unless a valid resale tax number is provided. Use metallic paint colors to craft brilliant accent walls or stylish dining rooms. While not exclusive to 1970, special order colors seem to be more common with this year. Galant, Mirage, Montero and Truck . ”. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. Mirage and Van/ Wagon . Paint Chips, Paint Chips, DuPont Automotive Systems (2006. images and the images will pop up. The FIRST letter of the Sales code can change from model year to model year, but so far "P" is being used for 2008-2010 models of B5 Blue/Surf Blue. Dark Candy Ruby 51954/51955. com U. 1936 Chrysler Paint Chips Dupont Folder Color Formulas & Combinations Original Price $25. 00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Dupont automotive paint colors. that should do it. When using more than one container of the same color, intermix to ensure color uniformity. M3351HL But they do not seem to come up in Duponts paint codes when I search them. CHECKING THE COLOR • Use the completed color check panels to evaluate the color on the car. The extensive range of reducers available for the Centari range means that the product is ideal for professional use inside a paint booth or for amateur use by air-drying. COLOR CODE COLOR NAME CLADDING & OVERFENDER CODE COLOR NAME K72 056 Natural White 1C0 Millennium Silver Metallic KG0 1D2 Thunder Cloud Metallic 1C0 Millennium Silver Metallic KF8 1C0 Millennium Silver Metallic 1D2 Thunder Cloud Metallic KG1 202 Black 1D2 Thunder Cloud Metallic KG2 3K4 Sunfire Red Pearl 1D2 Thunder Cloud Metallic The anniversary copper is available from Dupont as well. A fellow old car enthusiast has shared some information with me that should be passed on. . If your Fisher bodied Chevrolet wasbuilt from January to August, 1925, It was not available in Black. If you have a Dupont jobber, he may be able to make this color in Dulux, Centari or Imron with the formula I am going to post here if you show it to him/her. 3 Paint Colors for Walls Made Easy. 2) Check the formula of the color you choose to see if it is translucent or a good "hider". Miracle Workers Auto Collision Center is the only body shop in the Lincoln area to have the Acquire Plus EFX paint camera from DuPont. OEM Code Color Valspar Code PPG Code DuPont Code RM Code SW Code MS Code Azko Code WA Code; N/A: Ermine White: W612: 8259: 4024: 1199: 1911: 3071-2661: N/A: Tuxedo Black: K090 Special Paint Colors Found To Date. * Dupont (US) * Glasso/Rinshed Mason (US) * special and non US color information Some of the photos have been color edited to try and bring the color as viewed as close to the true visual color named. #11 The original automotive name of this color (DuPont 4297-L) is Teal and the “Green” suffix was added by Fender. DuPont Performance Services Mask and bag for paint. Genstar Paint Trade Center has been serving the residents and local businesses of General Santos City and its neighboring cities for more than 15 years. 78 Ford Truck Paint Colors 1979 Ford Truck Truck Paint Car PPG has de-classified some of the color formulas from special order status to intermix that your PPG jobber can mix in house. I finally told him I had to let me go back to work. S. 1 563 257. Top. B80/ PB2/ AC10780 . SB 92. Box 34, Spring Valley, CA 91976 Ship Frames To: Joe Bell 3735 Kenora Drive, Spring Valley, CA 91977 Nerolac Peach Tea 4052 F8d9b4 Hex Color Code Rgb And Paints. If they can't help you this is what we do when we can't find a formula. Questions, current pricing, Our E-mail Address is John@hdpaint. Search Our Formulas. Body Colors. Compare prices & save money on Automotive Care. The system starts with VINdicator™, to retrieve the vehicle’s color formula. The lower paint lines don't have the fancy pearls and metallics that the high cost paint lines do. • Apply 1 tinted mid-coat layer over all three color check panels. After flash off, remove one panel and apply a second coat to the remaining panels. FQD is the correct Paint code for B5 Blue/Surf Blue. org . As was customary with GM, the latter was used in other Paint Manufacturer Codes. For airless spray application, the minimum recommended tip size is . 246-0097 White 3/^ oz. Just select your paint color and it will show you all the closest paint matches Volkswagen Paint Codes are located on the radiator support centre, or the passenger side door jamb. Harvester Red: DuPont #74014. Email: JoeBell1977@gmail. Fender used it from 1960-1972. Dupont dyes must be set by steaming (1-4 hours, depending on the type of fabric and thickness of the roll), and once set, can be washed, drycleaned and are light resistant. Match My Paint Color is a tool to match paint colors between the major paint manufacturers: PPG, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball. Please note on small batch size orders, the potential variation of colors is increased. FOB Price: US $ 1600-1880 / Ton. You also should check with Tower Paint, who can mix you up a match and put it in spray cans or whatever package you want. John Pierce Colorwrite - Paint for and how to paint antique and vintage motorcycle restorations. This year we're switching things up a bit by announcing our very first Paint Color Palette Of The Year! View Paint Color Palette Of The Year ColorRite offers motorcycle paint, watercraft paint, marine paint, ATV/UTV paint and snowmobile paint for just about any brand vehicle you own. 6 867J RED 204. "Cranberry Red" or "Red". From color matching to expert advice, we’ve got the tools to help you get things done. PPG 81649 crosses to Dupont 4558. the color is opalescent maroon and I can not get a good color match. Paint colors vary with age and memory, and photos do not accurately reproduce colors. White 91018. here are the paint formulas for the Hurst/Olds cars. L. dupont paint color formulas